Thursday, December 28, 2006

Not so merry Christmas -- new year week

Am no scrooge but Christmas this year wasn't exactly jolly. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I had to work on Christmas day, and two long days of meeting immediately after that. And after the two long days of meeting, I had a spliting headache today, my neck and shoulder hurts like hell and I'm just bone-weary tired.

But Christmas day wasn't too bad really. We even had a wonderful christmas supper cooked by Wen. Although I wished we could be having dinner at her place instead. Still, supper was fantastic. Between hubby, myself and even baby dearest, we polished off everything. I was remarking to hubby that the carrot soup and mashed pea potato was soooo baby food. hahaa. Baby dearest loved it very much! Hmm ... one wonders if Wen is going to cook dinner on New Year's Day too? One is working on New Year's Day ... *nudge nudge*


I think the headache is probably because the ventilation in the meeting room isn't too good, or because of being unable to express as often as I should. *sigh* I might even be having a slight fever. *sigh* Poor me. And there's another meeting tomorrow. *triple sigh*

Why do I always suffer from headaches? :(

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