Thursday, December 21, 2006

Tis a season to be jolly! - and spend money.

Ho ho ho ... I think tis a season to be tired, more likely. I've never been so tired with my hyper-active little boy. The other day he climbed up the stairs, and down, and up and down then up again. Then I carted him off before he started going down again. *whew* Just now he wanted to climb down again, I quickly grabed him and put him in the room and closed the door and he threw a tantram. My age sure is catching up with me. One kid sure is enough.

*rolls eyes*

Now he is happily asleep. I should catch some sleep too, but then this is one of the few times I can have some time to myself. To do some reading, watch more animes, write my blog etc. Min was complaining how come I have yet to upload the birthday photos ... heh. Whatever time I have, I am watching animes first, reading my books and sleep.

Favourite anime currently is Ghost Hunt. :)

Haven't been able to do much shopping. Was very disciplined and did not buy anything at the Tods sales. Wasn't too keen on the autumn/winter stuffs. Wen told me about the sale at Betula but there wasn't anything my size. And colette just didn't have anything pretty. The wallet Wen got is really pretty, but it's super heavy, and I guess I don't want something the same as hers. Maybe a visit to Ferragammo to see their new wallets. I thought I spied something nice. Heh. Could only catch a glimpse. Nowadays shopping is pretty much non-existent.

Hmm, maybe not really. Been quite busy at the bookstores. Time flies when you're browsing books. I got a couple of new cookbooks too. 'The Japanese Kitchen' by Kimiko Barber and 'Cook with Jamie', my first Jamie Oliver's book. I didn't really have time to really look through all his cookbooks, but I guess this one with the explainations should be pretty good. Reading all these cookbooks makes me feel like cooking something from in there, but all I cook is the usual style. Tonight we had stir-fry kailan with garlic, claypotsoup - pork-ribs with corn and carrots and fish with chilli. I think kailan is also known as chinese brocolli. Hmm, would be good to get something which talks about all the different types of food ingredients. There's a book with something like that on sale, but have not decided if it's really a good book.

Last night we deposited baby dearest at in-laws place and hubby and I went out for a nice dinner. At Shashlik. The food there is just as wonderful as ever. We even shared a glass of Russian coffee, and I say, the alcoholic coffee rocks. I'm drooling just thinking of eating there! Yum yum.

I haven't been eating mom's homecook food for a while now. Sometimes I'm so sick of cooking, I wished there's someone who could cook something nice for me to eat. It's really so unfortunate that hubby doesn't cook at all and is not interested in cooking. *sigh*

We went to look at apple. The iPod Video is realllllly cute! And reaaaallllly pretty. But it doesn't play avi format. Next.

I haven't decide what I want hubby to give me for Christmas. I guess when you have to tell him to get something for you, you really can't quite be bothered, because you might as well get it yourself. So I'm still eyeing the tiffany charm bracelet, but silver tarnishes, and I'm not sure if I really really like it. Man ... I'm getting very fussy with things. :P

It's nice to get a surprise present for Christmas. :) So far, my two girlfriends have given me something. And you know what? The two of them actually gave me the SAME thing. Hahahaha. Come to think of it, both of their birthdays fall on the same day (same year too), although I think they're very different. Or maybe not. One never knows huh. :P

Damn, tummy doesn't feel too good. Mustn't eat so much chocolates and cookies .... *mutter*

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