Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tis a season to be eating ... take two.

And I'm sure getting fat. Especially around the tummy. Damn. Need. to. Exercise.

Good food for the past few weeks. Dim sum almost once a week. And two new places.

The first was the Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng place, recommended by and went with Min. The ginseng chicken soup was absolutely delicious. Yum yum yum. I scrapped the bowl clean and drowned myself in the soup. Yum yum yum. The six types of veges were pretty okay. We didn't like all types obviously. So there was one little portion which wasn't finished. The cod fish absolutely melted in your mouth. I love cod fish! Can't imagine how impassionate Min was about fish. Fish is good. Fish is yummie! And cod fish's the best! Yum yum yum. How could she not eat the fish skin? I reached over and plucked the cod fish skin off her plate. Yum yum yum. Heh heh heh. Hmm, it'll be nicer if the skin is fried and crisp, but ... it's still cod fish skin. Man, to think that when hubby and I eat cod fish, we'll always fighting for the skin. How could one not like it at all?

Speaking of which, will cook cod fish tomorrow. Best way of cooking is still to fry the cod fish. Heh. I tried grilling, but the skin wasn't as crisp as I'd like. And it took too bloody long.

The dessert was pretty normal. Sweet and cold, and nice to complete the meal. All in all, can go back again. Yum yum chicken soup. Now I understand why Min is kinda addicted to it. I'm dreaming of food right now!

The second new place I went to was the Imperial Treasures - Teochew cuisine with Wen. Many moons back, I wanted to go in with my family, but the lady at the front desk was rather intimidating with her pinched face and arrogant and looking-down-her-nose attitude. So we veered away and I never gave it much thought. Obviously the lady at the front desk need to go for some coutesy training. Even Wen thought she was extremely rude and curt. However once we got in, the other service staffs were pretty friendly. Food was served pronto. Too fast in fact, that the noodles was pretty cold (and oily) by the time we could eat it.

Still, the pig stomach soup was ze best! Yum yum yum! And the Oh Nee ... ahhh .... Wen was too polite to mention that I was practically licking the bowl (or spoon, I was too polite to lick the bowl in front of her). Hahaha. Can go back again. I'm sure my mother will love the place too. Only thing is that the dim sum were still a tad too salty for teochew cuisine. But it is still pretty nice.

Man ... my mouth is watering thinking of all these food! Dinner tonight consisted of one rice ball and two pieces of califonia sushi. Healthy and therefore thinking of all those food makes me mouth water even more.

Arrgh. :P

Take two. Because bloody netscape hanged and died while I was typing a lengthy blog. *mutter*

Anyway, had finished wrapping up dear hubby's present. Something simple, and something he'll definitely like, although not very special. It'll be a nice surprise for him I hope. :)

Me? I bought so many presents for myself, I guess I don't need anymore. heh. I forgot shopping with Wen is extremely dangerous. Just fifteen minutes or so and I've splurged on a lovely new bag and a new pouch. Old bag is looking rather mangy. Want. a. new. wallet. too. But still haven't found anything nice. I am quite tempted to get the same one as Wen at colette. :P

I've also finally bought a pair of new shoes for baby. It's quite a headache to get him shoes because 1. they are damn expensive and 2. he'll grow out very fast. But poor baby didn't have any shoes. My aunties gave him a pair too big he couldn't even wear them now, so I finally got him a nice one.

... to be cont.

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