Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy First Birthday!

Happy first birthday to my dearest boy. :) He's finally a year old.

This was his birthday cake on his actual day which we celebrated with his daddy. :P But then it was the third time he celebrated his birthday. On saturday, I invited some of my friends over and we had a huge ice-cream cake, and baby dearest got lots of presents! There were lots of little kids to play with him too, and open his presents for him. Haha. I was just slightly annoyed that one little girl chose to be one big bright lightbulb when all I wanted was just a photo of me and baby dearest. Grrr.

Baby dearest can be quite camera shy

On Sunday, baby's grand-aunties and his aunties came over to play with him and he got lots of presents too.

Here he is with his new walker-rider toy, but it still isn't motivating him to learn to walk, for when the thing starts to roll, he quickly squats and sits on the floor and looks up expectantly, waiting to be carried or he'll abandon ship and start crawling instead. Tsk tsk!

OH well, boys will be boys. Here's a super cute pic of him with my old pair of sunglasses. Penguin-sir? Cute eh? Heh

My dearest boy is certainly a big boy now. Every morning when he wakes up and I wake up and I stepped out of the room into the bathroom or study room and he'll cry like he's such a pityful little abandoned little poor thing. Grrrr. Even hubby cannot stop him from crying (although most of the time he'll cover his head with his pillow :P) And baby dearest only stops when I step into the room again and sit by the bed with him. How is it going to be now? *slaps forehead*

Anyway, it's nice to be a ditzy gal-fan. Man, I'm so much a fan of Saiunkoku Monogatari. I so absolutely am gushing about the anime. At someone's else blog of course. Hahha. People here wouldn't know what I'm talking about if I were to start gushing here. Hahahaa. Gah .. it's nice to be so happily a big fan. :P All the characters are so absolutely cute! And the story is so absolutely cute! And funny! :)

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