Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ping pong peng

So I'm in the coughing stage now, which means I'm recovering. Prospan's pretty nice (taste like honey), and doesn't have all the problems which comes with some cough syrup. People who recover from a bout of cold/flu usually have a cough after that. I wonder why some people insist on antibiotics and kick up such a big fuss on cough medication (on standby). This just shows how uneducated or boorish they are. Ha.

Anyway, it's hubby dearest turn to experience the same set of symptomes I had. Low-grade fever, neck ache, headache and sore throat which is not very painful. Man, am I not at all sympathetic! Okie, I tried to. :P But my eyes kinda rolled upwards when he mentioned viral meningitis. Well, it could be true, especially the stiff neck part, but I didn't exactly get much sympathy when I had all those symptomes either! :P Men can be such babies.

I just hope that baby doesn't fall sick again. Especially how we are always so close together. *sigh*

I read one page of the chinese novel and fell asleep. Progress is extremely slow. Maybe I should have just gotten the book in Japanese. At least I can learn more Jap! When is the next episode of the anime going to be out? Arrrgh. *tears hairs*

Anyway, it's amazing how Japanese stuffs can be so nice. Just look at the music. Japanese music is always so nice. So much nicer than the chinese music. Take any song and listen, they're so much nicer. Some of the Chinese songs even came from Japanese! And I'm still so impressed by their animes, by their drawings. Give me an anime anytime. The anime characters are also so much nicer than real people! Hahaha. :X

I wish I could go Japan again. *sigh*

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