Friday, December 08, 2006

It's almost a year!

Yep, how time flies. My dear baby is almost one year old. He's a big boy now, and he still has a cuteness rating of 10/10. Heh. :P Mothers are always bias. :P

I'm so fortunate that I have all these time to spend with him, seeing him grow up from a tiny baby to a big baby. I love the closeness both of us share, and how his eyes brighten up when he sees me. Of course sometimes I'm oh so irritated with him when he doesn't want to sleep or take his porriage and when I want to watch my anime or read my books or do housechores and he keeps wanting my attention. But now he's sleeping peacefully and all is forgiven until he wakes up and cry. :P

I love him so. :)


Today I was extremely pissed off with my father. He probably didn't know why. After another exhausting ordeal, I finally managed to put baby dearest to sleep, so that I can start washing the clothes. Many clothes to wash. Two loads in fact. I scrub and scrub and huff a puff puff and the phone rang, and my father with his insignificant ramblings. Arrrgh. Yep, baby woke up. I'm all soap and scubs. And baby deaerst didn't want to go back to sleep no matter how much I tried to make him to. So all my anger was directed to my father for calling! So extremely pissed off.

So I took the phone off the hook during baby's afternoon nap.

I still managed to cook lunch with baby prattling around in the kitchen and he found the damn bleach bottle and shook it up and down spilling bleach on the floor. I shrieked and had to wash his hands, his feet and the floor. Arrrgh. Two against my father for waking baby up. Baby dearest seemed to have escaped with no bleach on him, but my hands itched. Maybe it has to do with later on, when baby was asleep and I transfered the big bottle of bleach to the small glass bottle and poured into all the drains. *eyes point daggers at hubby* Grrrr. That was supposed to be someone's elses job, but I'm doing everything nowadays. Hell, I might have to wash the bloody freaking vacumn cleaner and air-con myself. *eyes point poison daggers at someone*

And that someone had the audacity to suggest that we put up the window film ourselves. My eyes rolled all the way to heaven and I stamped my foot and no way are we doing that. Saying which, I'm not going to wait anymore for anybody, and I'm going to call and confirm tomorrow, and cancel the other viewing. So there. Humf.

I also managed to wash the clothes with baby dearest wide awake. I strapped him down in his baby seat and placed him in the toilet with me while I scrub and huff a puff puff. Baby dearest had his current favourite toy with him, so he was pretty all right. Until he got bored and threw his toy away and started figeting. Good thing I was almost done. Btw, know what his current favourite toy of all toys is? A toothbrush. (Especially mine but a normal one with a straight handle would do as well). Err, don't look at me. :P

I wonder if other people scrub their clothes before putting them into the washing machine? Hubby complains that if I don't scrub the clothes and simply wash them, the clothes stink. How leh? My poor hands are all wrinkled. I even got onto my hands and knees and mopped the floor, with baby dearest following behind me ... with his toothbrush. Heh heh. Didn't want to give him a cloth cos he tends to put it in his mouth after wiping the floor. :X

Then I cooked lunch, porriage for baby and instant mee for me, with baby dearest stealing quite a bit of my food. The fish that is. I let him try some seaweed and he seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.


After that we went to shop shop and I bought stuffs for tomorrow. Baby dearest went out with his toothbrush but was willing to let me keep it while he looked around happily. Heh heh.

Dinner was wonderful. I made the donabe gohan with chicken and asari and lots of mushrooms. Couldn't find frozen peas ... oh well. :P A meaningful and exciting day indeed. :) I'm going to miss such days when work starts. *sigh*

Still ... there are some things to look forward to (like earning money and wearing nice clothes :P), but I'll definitely miss my time with my baby dearest.

I even managed to catch Ghost Hunt ep 10. It was such an anti-climax. You would think the previous episodes were sooooo good, you would be expecting something more, but the conclusion fell flat in the face. Arrgh. For a whodunit-ghost-story genre, the detective part is a bit very the obvious. The bad guy is soooooooooo predictable. The horror was good though. I was hoping for more twists in the story. :( Rather disappointing. Hmmm.

Still waiting for my all time favourite. :) There are others to fill in the gap, but still, saiunkoku monogatari is the best yet! Damn, I can't believe I've become so ... soo .... :P Heh.

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