Friday, December 01, 2006

The good, the bad and the ugly

Being able to be in this room means being able to tolerate baby pulling all my books down from my bookshelf. Then he flips through the books. If I'm lucky, he may put them back. Haiz.

Otherwise I have nothing else to entertain him with. His toys lay in one corner, forgotten. He likes looking out of the windows at cars below, but that doesn't take a long time before he gets bored. Actually, he's most interested in what I'm doing on the keyboard. Not going to happen yet!

Anyway, today is the fifth? sixth? day that I'm sick. Nowadays I fall sick with fever. This time is some irritating annoying low-grade fever, and a pesky sore-throat. It was only a matter of time that baby dearest fall sick too, and his symtomes are exactly the same as mine. Hey, at least I don't wake up in the middle of the night and howl my head off!

I thought this holidays would be good. Last week, I met up for lunch with Xel, and brought baby dearest along. The bloody freaking escalator in the underpass to the esplanade was broken and I had to carry baby in one hand, and the pram on my shoulders and walk down the stairs. And it was escalators all the way too, no lift access! One have to call to activate the so-called handicap access. Too troublesome. My shoulders ache!

Okie, I just opened a pandora's box and showed baby how to open the CD drawer. *rolls eyes*

Anyway I was hoping to meet up with Lin and Min for lunch, but it rained and I was also sick. So there goes one precious week, being cooped up at home, with a sick me and a sick baby. Emergency call to mom and managed to get her to come down a few days to look after us. Thank god for my mother! :) The difficult part is feeding baby his medicine on my own. Some of it always ended up splattered on his face, my face, my clothes, his clothes, my legs etc. Humf.

And so what does one do when one is sick? Binge on animes. Yay yay aya yay. Latest craze: Saiunkoku Monogatari. I love this kind of girly girly stories. hahahahaha.

Oh well, baby is whining again. Will write about his adventure with Max and Rust next time! The two big dogs.

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