Sunday, November 12, 2006

Blue black

Dear baby is now 11 months old! My my, he is a big boy now. I think he's teething though, he's having a bad runny nose and is starting to have excess drool. Poor baby gets so uncomfortable especially at night, and so does his mummy too. He woke up in the middle of the night and I have to carry and rock him to sleep. Me poor back!

Last night baby fell off the bed (again) and this time he got an ugly bruise on his forehead to show for it. :( It's all my fault unfortunately. I put him on the bed and switched off the lights because he was so super hyperactive, that the only way to get him to sleep was to switch off all lights and cuddle/feed him to sleep. Unfortunately, his little baby brains thought this was some kind of new game, and he suddenly lurched towards me, only to fall through thin air and right smack onto the ground. He cried inconsolably for half an hour after that. *sigh* No amount of hugging or rocking or kissing could stop him. Only two things did the trick. One was when I turned on the tap in the kitchen sink, and he stopped long enough to play with the water. Too bad I couldn't let him play all night and he cried even louder after that. The other method was to bring him out for a walk. That got him sleepy and quiet and he finally fell asleep.

He definitely feels heavier than ten kilos! Me poor aching back and arms!

Baby dearest was so hyperactive all day, yesterday and today. In order to prevent him from ransacking my bookshelf, I put a mattress in front of him, to block him from reaching the books. My baby dearest loves to stand in front of the shelves and pull down all my books and throw them onto the floor. Sometimes he would proceed to read them. :P Hmm, don't believe me ah? heh. Okie, so anyway, last evening he became cleverer and actually pawed at the mattress to pull it down, and he whacked his cheek on the shelf. That was another bruise. He cried a bit and looked sheepishly at me. Duh serves him right. :P

So baby dearest today was all bruises on his face. Did I get a good scolding from my parents! :X

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