Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blury baby

It's so hard to take a pic of baby nowadays. He's always on the move, and all I get is a blury baby.

Oh yeah, he's trying to climb into his playpen. Well, at least he's trying to get his toys from the playpen. His playpen is actually this big place where we keep all his things. Plus his sleeping cot. Which he doesn't sleep in. Well, we tried, but no heart to let him sleep on his own yet. :P

Just the other night, I swear baby dearest has an antenna somewhere in his little head of his. There he was sleeping on the bed in the bedroom and here I was in the study room, and all of a sudden he knew I was not around and started crying for me. That was twice in an hour. Thank goodness, his antenna is switched off tonight. :)

<-- Here's baby dearest on his daddy's shoulders. Grabbing the hair. And trying to grab books off the shelves again.

And here's baby dearest after his great fall. He has been having this runny nose for a while now, so this is definitely not his day! -->

Nowadays, my baby dearest doesn't want to stand. You put him to stand, he immediately bends his knees and lands up squating instead. Oh, he's such a cautious little big baby. Mummy wants me to stand? No way ... me sit. Baby is extremely mobile too. He goes from standing holding a piece of furniture, to squating and takes off crawling towards you. Presto. Did I mention that he got into the kitchen, stood over the shelves and pull down my tupperware water container? Fortunately it was only about one quarter full, and the water flooded the floor. Baby was stunned for a while, but quickly took stock of the situation and started 'swimming' on the floor. Splish, splash, splosh! He goes, oh so happy, while his poor mummy has to mop up the mess whilst in the middle of cooking. *mutter*

My shoulders really hurt from carrying him! Baby dearest was making a lot of noise after dinner. He wants his after-dinner-walk, so I brought him down for a walk. After a couple of rounds, I decided to head back. When I reached the lift landing, baby started grumbling and crying. No! He hasn't got enough! He pointed his little finger in the opposite direction and said, 'Ah there?'. So mummy obliged. After another round, his mummy with really aching arms put her foot down and up we went, with baby dearest protesting loudly and expressively. Straight into the ear. Fierce hmm?

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