Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weekend stories

We shared the lift with some neighbours and their big baby boy this evening. When we got home, dear hubby remarked to baby dearest, 'You are now only known as Cute Rascal. We just saw a Handsome Boy.'

It was fun attending the Bobbi Brown makeup workshop. This time, it was the Gold Collection. We had some lovely refreshments before the workshop started. It was a pity Min couldn't join me, but I managed to get HM to go with me. She enjoyed herself very much too. This time I think I've really learnt how to use the eye-lash curler! I'm going to like my gold glitter lip gloss very much. I'm not sure the lip shimmer and the gold shimmer brick compact is going to be much used, but girls will be girls will be girls. We were so totally sold on the pretty gliterry gold stuffs! The make-up instructors were the same, and we had a nice chat with the young chap who instructed me and Wen the last time we were at the workshop together. Yep, I'm collecting certificates. Haha. Darn, and I haven't even used the lip tint I got at the last workshop! These pple are good at sales!

After the make-up session, my friend turned to me and remarked that she thinks both of us are the prettiest amongst the rest of the participants. I hooted with laughter, said that shouldn't be so, then took a good look around the participants and had to agree with her. We both fell over each other laughing manically.

It's quite strange to be looking at my friend's wedding photos. BTW, baby is soooooo photogenic! He looks handsomest of all, ahem, I meant cutest (rascal) of all. :P But I digress, it's strange because both the bride and groom were my classmates, and when we were classmates in JC, the two of them were the most unlikest couple! And you remember that when we were all in JC, he was scuffy and sleepyheaded and throughout the two years, I think I've only spoken to him once. And my girlfriend whom I was quite closed to was just the same now and then, and I'd never have thought them to be together. Oh well.

Hmmm, quality of photos seemed quite bad though.

Anyway ... I'd better sleep. :P

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