Monday, October 23, 2006

Beta version

Finally did something to my blog, though not much. First I changed it into the beta version. Not sure it was a wise choice ... but hey, it's always good to try something new eh? One thing for sure, a lot of stuffs went missing, and I've been trying to put them back as much as I could.

One thing I'm very happy about is that I've managed to put an image as my header. No more just boring words or that ugly tiled blued thingy. Heh. Not that my image is very nice though, that picture was hastily sketched and scanned just to try out. I might draw another one in future. Maybe. :P

I've managed to get my haloscan comments back. Thanks to a few instructions and all. And this webpage is a gem if you're looking for more hacks. I'll take my time though, me not very ambitious. :P And I'm still exploring how I want my page to be.

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