Sunday, October 08, 2006

The calm

Actually I immediately felt better after ranting. It's strange eh? Some people feel worse after ranting. Me? After writing all those stuffs down, I suddenly felt I can face life again. :) Went down and smiled at my parents and gave baby a hug. Don't feel annoyed with hubby too. Ahh ... the power of writing. Leave your words and anger somewhere and don't carry it in the heart. :)

I think it was also because the paracetamol finally started to kick in. :P No more body aches or headaches or fever. Heh. Gotta stock up more. Zarin it is. Something wierd about it though. I managed to dig out two last tablets, one from my own stock and another given to me by a colleage. One left of each because I only took one during those times. And the one given to me by the colleage tasted really bitter whereas the one which was originally mine didn't. Placebo? Hmmmm ....

Neighbour came over with her two month baby to say hi. Gosh ... two month old J is sooooo soooo light! I missed carrying a two month old baby. And he was sooo cute, sleeping in my arms. And he has a head full of hair! My baby is fat and heavy and has no hair. But... he's still cute. Heh. Shh, now he's sleeping. I stuffed the pacifier into his mouth, with one hand, I held his hands down, with the other, I held on to the pacifier so that he doesn't spit it out, and finally he falls asleep with the pacifier. *whew*

Anime now. :D

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