Sunday, October 29, 2006

The time is mine

Perhaps the problem is just me.

Perhaps I should just stop trying so hard.

I should not feel guilty about doing all the things that I've always been doing before. After all, when you offer your help once too often, you get taken for granted. Next time I'll just wait till it's asked for.

Yep, that's just it. No worries.

Things I must do:
1. Back to yoga.
2. Meet up with my girlfriends.
3. Go for my spa/facial/massage/etc therapy.
4. Stop feeling guilty about enjoying myself.
5. Go pick up the bloody violin. *bleah*

Yep, that's it. :)

Nothing beats having a pep talk to oneself.

The annual dinner was quite disappointing. I was actually looking forward to it, until a few unhappy incidents. There was a bitchy Ah-Lian in the office whose yapping barks got on one's nerves. Hmm, actually that was the only incident. But like I've always tell my students, dogs are actually nicer animals than their human counterparts. And we do not speak the language of beasts.

Anyway, I was hoping to doll myself up with all the latest gold shimmer stuffs I got from Bobbi Brown. But my hair spa took longer than I expected and by the time I finished, there was only time to pick up the car and hubby, picked up baby, go home, dressed baby in something nicer, dropped hubby at work and go for dinner. Damn. All my new cosmetics never used. *sigh*

And I didn't quite like my new hair styling. I got them to blow straight, but it was too flat. I guess rebonding is out again. Did I hear Wen sigh? :P

Some gossipy stuffs: I think my colleagues (well, some of them, especially the older ones) must never have ever gotten the chance to dress up or put on makeup. The night was a night of awful makeup and gaudy dresses. God, you don't blush your face till it's red on both cheeks, and go with BLUE eye-shadows. And if you're ugly to look at in the first place, makeup doesn't make you any prettier.

Am I bad or what?

Still there's some pretty eye-candy. I hope she wins. :)

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