Saturday, October 28, 2006

Old School

You know when old girls get together, chips would fly. :P Even though I've never ever spoken to her, not a single time, and yet we chatted like old friends. From bulldogs to whatnots.

Her face looked vaguely familiar. And I don't even know her name. But it was kinda fun trying to see how many people we both knew, and we so prattled on. Makes me kinda wished I've made more friends when I was in school. We parted and we promised to keep in touch. Yet I wonder if she really knew my name too. Me super low profile one. heh.

Anyway, the children nutrient talk turned out to be a children nutrient supplement talk. It makes a world of a difference you know. Not that they did any hard sell, but the sublimal message was there. The scare tatics, the guilt trip, the professional speaker. Well, I guess supplements is like a religion. Quite hard for me to buy it. And quite a lot of the talk my mom could have told me. Or a good book. Nothing was new.

Nevertheless, it was fun meeting new people, hmm .. or old. Whatever. :P

And I guess the best nutritious food is still home-cooked.

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