Friday, October 27, 2006


Three girls squated around in a circle in an empty classroom in the middle of the night. The room was dark and the place was quiet. Each of the girls held a lighted candle. The first girl spoke and told them that each of them must tell a ghost or scary story then blow out the candle. When everyone has blown out the candle, each will take a turn to count out the number of people in the room. There will be an extra person in the room and she wants to know if it's going to be true. Then she blows out the candle and it's the second girl's turn. When all three had told a ghost story and the room became dark once again, they started counting. 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... ...

Now that is a really frightening ghost story! :P Anime: Ghost Hunt. I wonder when the second episode will be out. heh.

Unfortunately I didn't get to tell the kids about this one. I'm sure it'll freak them out big time.

I went to the library to grab a book and went away with Classic Ghost Stories. These classic kind of books are usually not very frightening and the language tends to be long and winding. However, some of the stories can really chill the bones and set the pace. So I always like reading them. A couple of my students saw me with the book, they were very excited and picked it up to read. I think they couldn't even make one paragraph, so they begged me to tell them the story. :P Well, I obliged, but it wasn't really very fun telling ghost stories in broad day light and when the story itself wasn't very frightening. So I embellished a little, put in some sound effects, and my boy was listening till like his eyes was popping out of his head. It didn't take much for his friend to creep up behind him and do a boo. heh heh heh.

All said and done, I still don't read the book when I'm all alone at home. Baby doesn't count!

Wen has been waxing lyrical over her Jap dessert in her blog. That day I happened to pass by and decided to try some.

Unlike her who is sooo not hardworking and never provide us with any pics, here's a photo ... :P

Verdict? I didn't like it very much. The ice-cream was so little, see, it's not even one full scoop, and the jelly didn't taste nice at all and too much, too dry and no taste. And most of the stuffs are just canned. It confirms my belief that that Jap place isn't good at all. I didn't like any of the food there either. And when a Jap place doesn't serve free green tea, it's a place where no respectable Japanese will go.

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