Sunday, October 08, 2006

I am not responsible for you

The house got so many ants! I just found their nest and sprayed it. Now going to clean up the dead ants.

Correct response: Here, let me help you.
Or: Hey, you can get those ant bait thingy, will stop them from coming.

Incorrect response: You're so dirty, eat already never clean up. So messy, always leave food around. Got time go and keep the place clean instead of idling.


I have a full time job. I come home and have to take care of baby. I have to cook for the hubby. I have to wash the clothes. Sometimes I have to help the hubby. I've lost weight. I don't have time for myself. My hubby owes me money. My money goes to pay the bills. I want to buy nice things for myself. I didn't have a wedding present. I didn't have a birthday present. I didn't have a birthday cake. My in-laws starved me. My in-laws did not give me anything when we married. My in-laws did not give me anything when I had baby. My in-laws only helps with baby when they are free. My mom wants to go away end of October. Who is going to take care of baby? Who did they expect to take care of baby? My body was aching and I had to cook lunch. And the hubby wasn't too happy that it took so long (45 min to cook rice and chicken wings?). The cleaner didn't clean the place clean enough. I had to supervise her. I get dropped off at the MRT and have to take the train home with baby at night. Sometimes he would cry and would not want to be in the pram and I had to carry him in one arm and push the pram in the other.

My body ached and my head ached and I was running a temperature.

Correct response: Let you mummy rest okie, come gonggong play with you.
Incorrect response: Your mummy doesn't want you anymore.

Everybody can go and be damned.

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