Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Pain pain go away

So I am still recovering from a bad case of runny nose which got so bad that I got sinus infection and am now on antibiotics. The pain was like a toothache and a headache, which just didn't go away, so a visit to the dentist to make sure that it wasn't a tooth decay. Thank goodness. Dear hubby is right after all, but he's not sympathetic, still. :P

Baby ripped out another page of my book while I was not looking, or rather, while hubby was not looking, and he (hubby) gleefully brought the torn page to me, like a trophy which baby won. Duh. Not to mention baby ripped out the plastic cover of another book I had. Think baby wants to start reading soon. He's just not very interested in his own books though. He wants things which are similar to what we have. Why cloth books or thick pages books which are unrippable?

Baby dearest is now at my feet happily shredding the tissue paper he managed to pull out before I caught him. I wonder if he would spoil the printer one day by pulling and tugging at it everytime he sits on the floor!

Dear hubby remarked that now as a parent he understands a few things about how other parents have been behaving. Previously he always get annoyed when kids make noise or pulls things off tables or grab the newspapers like his brother's kids. Now, when baby does that, we look at him proudly and say ... ohh, baby is learning to talk! How precious. Ohh, baby knows how to grab things! How smart! etc etc. Haha. I bet if someone with another perspective would view it just as irritating as hubby once had. Smack his little hands!

I guess we just have to be faster than him and pick up his toys behind him.

Damn tired, and baby has been waking up after eleven at night and didn't want to sleep after that.

It's no wonder I can't recover at all.

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