Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hell hath no fury

I am angry because ...

That day hubby hiam that the food I cooked wasn't enough, so I fried him an egg on his mom's $3 Ikea telfon frying pan, and of course the fried egg tasted horrible. Haha.

I told him I don't use such frying pan. Every cent adds to the quality. I already had a nice expensive frying pan which is not telfon. And it cooks eggs very nicely. As in the other day I fried onion omelette and cod fish in it.

Well, anyway, I used the telfon frying pan to make my point, two points actually. :P

But that wasn't the end, or the story. I was starved for two days while having dinner at his mom's place. The first night dinner consisted of rice which was too wet to be rice, but too dry to be porriage. Read: Slimy starchy wet soggy rice. Plus canned beans (which I didn't like) and pumpkin (which tasted like ... err, overcooked, not sweet, no taste) and cold soup (I hate soup when it's cold!) which was tasteless too, tasted like some leftover soup which she just added extra water init, with some wierd herbs.

The second dinner, well ... rice was all right, and there was one HUGE bowl of stewed cold bittergourd, a little bit is fine ... but one HUGE bowl? And cold. Canned sardines, more canned beans (probably left over from the above), lukewarm soup with very expensive mushrooms she said which had no taste after being boiled like forever in the soup? Some left over two tablespoons of soggy egg with raw onions and some tough pork with cold tofu. Can't quite remember. And everything was cold. It was absolutely yucky. I guessed I stuffed myself with the cold sardines. They were the only pretty okay stuffs. You dumped lots of the sardine gravy and stuffed your face with the gravy and rice and snatched whatever sardines from hubby.

If you think that's the worst ... no it's not. The worst is having her looming at the table WATCHING you eat. And critising when you took very little rice when you saw the food at the table. And trying to FORCE you to eat all those horrible stuffs. And putting all those horrible stuffs onto your plate. One has to be quick, when her back is turned, quickly transfer to hubby, who protested loudly. Huh. And I was forced to eat some kind of BARK, you know those herbal stuffs you put in the soup to make it tasty and norishing, but you DON'T EAT IT!!!?!?!!!

Waaaaaaah! I feel very sick when I think of the torture I had to endure during those mealtimes. Good think I escaped this afternoon. It was cold tofu in semi-slimy-and-wet-rice with .... MORE BAKED BEANS!!!


I went without lunch today.

It's no wonder I'm losing weight yeah? And everytime after dinner there, there's not enough food for baby.


And what did hubby say? Nostagic.

So don't ever complain that I don't cook enough food!!!!!! I think it was two dishes that day. Cannot remember, too long. hahaha.

That's it ... never going to have my dinner there. Will practise polite decline.

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