Sunday, September 10, 2006

As always, as ever ...

My one week break has come and gone. I didn't quite have a good break, but it wasn't overly stressful in a way.

Baby darling had diarrhea for the whole week. Still having diarrhea and now he's coughing and throwing up his milk after coughing too much! First he had rashes on his tummy and back and hands and feet, and for a while I was rather worried about HFMD. But it was more of an allergy because the poor mummy had very bad headaches and shoulder, neck and backache, and she stuck lots of koryok on herself, which probably leads to baby dear absorbing all those methyl-salicylate. So now the poor mummy still has very bad headaches and shoulder, neck and backache, and she's resorting to popping paracetamol like sweets. Perhaps the diarrhea is also a result of that? But it shouldn't be for that was one week after the rashes. *sigh*

Mom said baby dearest looks very pale. Of course he would be. It's been nine days and he's still having diarrhea. :(

But the good news is that baby dear is ever so active, and irrepressible, and so cheerful, except when we force the medicine down his throat. :P

He's coming to nine months now, and he has grown *gasp* six centimetres taller! My big baby boy! :)

So over the week, I spent some time at work, and the rest of the time at home taking care and playing with baby dear.

On Wednesday, I did this: :)

It took me 4 rounds of baking, for my oven was too small and could only bake 8 each time. I didn't have unsalted butter though, so I used the normal butter thingy and cut down on the amount of salt. I got my recipe from my bake book here, but I guess chocolate chip cookies are all the same everywhere. :) I put in walnuts and lots of Hersheys chocolate chips. (They melted in the open and I dumped them in the fridge, most of them now don't resemble chips!)

I scaled down everything by half, or as close as I could, and I realised why I could never be good at baking, for I couldn't be bothered to be exact in all my measurements. Darn, I need a proper mixing bowl! For one. When I stirred in my flour, one turn of the spoon sent the flour flying onto me. And I need a proper stirring spoon! Using a metal spoon to stir hurts the palm. If not, I guess I should get a hand-mixer if I'm to do such stuffs again!

Impromptu mixing bowl.

After that I made sorta-tom-yum udon noodle soup for dinner.

It was sort of rushed, for dear hubby was getting home soon. So I guess ... need more improvement on that one! I didn't have lime, and I didn't really want to put in the Thai fish sauce. :P And I didn't have enough lemongrass. And I put in tomatos too. Hmm ... tasted kinda ... strange. Heh. Maybe I should just stick to my normal style.

On a side-note, I wonder why my cookies became quite hard after a day. Is it because there was too little butter? They were nice and crunchy when hot though.

The other day, I turned a corner, and was lost for words when I saw ... instead of the familiar old red-brick building, it was simply one huge gaping hole. Damn, so depressing! I didn't know so much had changed. Well, I knew they were going to pull down the library, but I didn't know it made everything looked so horrible. Gone was the nice warm cosy comforting place. Gone! Gone! And it really was a huge gaping hole there! Some sort of underpass? Souless now.

I worked there once. I loved the tress and walking up to the building from the bus-stop. I loved going there in the evening, where the wind would blow the leaves on my feet and tease the top of the tress. I loved the crooked stairs with old bricks on the side, going up to the main building. Damn, should have gone to take photos there.

I was actually thinking of making pizza the next day after the cookies, but I guess that's enough baking and cooking (from recipe books) for now. Till the next holidays! :)

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