Monday, August 28, 2006

Hunger power

As much as I would like to change my blog layout, I can't do it right away, for I have not the time or patience or the commitment. So here I am, posting again. :P

I had only an hour to prepare for dinner last night before dear hubby went to work. Came home in the afternoon and completely passed out. Good thing baby was very cooperative too, and the three of us slept like ... well, baby. :P So when I woke up, I had to defrost the chicken and cook almost immediately, and the chicken was just a little hard still.

Anyway, the fastest way of cooking is to cook udon. Dry with mom's homemade chilli, a bit of this and that and lots of vege.

Yep, that's mine. Hubby had already wolfed his down. :P Of course the photos aren't as nice as other pple's, I've still a long way to go if I want to take good quality photos!

Then we had dessert, or rather I had dessert after that.

I sure liked my very sweet. :) Barley, snow fungus, red dates, almond nuts, lotus seeds ... and lots of rock sugar. Of course hubby got his watered down as he didn't like it too sweet. I'm the only one with the sweet tooth. :P

I packed one for hubby and one for his assistant, but theirs weren't too good as the dessert didn't really have time to cook. Heh. His assistant said the lotus seeds were still too hard! Oh well ... what can I do in an hour anyway?

Oh yes, baby wants some too! :P

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