Sunday, July 16, 2006

Water water everywhere

Damn I'm so thirsty!

1 cup of cold lemonade, 2 cups of milo and lots of soup and I'm still so very thirsty. Hmm ... maybe I should drink plain water. Heh heh. :P

My obsession with ants have come to a head. Now I see them, now I spray, then I wipe. Managed to strike out one group, but after a while, another group emerged, following another trail. I am soo pissed. So I sprayed again and I really felt like screaming. Ants everywhere! Arrgh.

Of course I am careful to make sure that dear baby is out of the way when I launch my missiles offensive. However, once there was a tiny cockroach running around the table and I totally freaked out. Armed with the spray can, I stalked the monster with care, and when it emerged suddenly, I gave it all I could. Phhhsssssst. The missiles landed everywhere. Yay, I got it too. Sprayed ten thousand tons of chemical warfare on it to make sure it died. Heh. And oh dear, I got the chemical on the table and on baby's toys too. Hubby dearest wasn't amused at all. Nerve poison, ya. :( Had to wash all the toys and even stuff them in the washing machine. :P I wanted to wait for hubby to return home to clear up the corpse, but he was so late and I was afraid the ants would claim the prize, so finally I gingerly picked it up in lots of tissue, squeezed it for good measure, and threw it down the bin. I so hate cockroaches!

Watched ten episodes of Jyu Oh Sei, but brother didn't have the final episode. Read the reviews, and am no longer sure I'm that keen to catch the last one. Hmm. Good animes are hard to come by. I loved the Japanese Classic Horror Stories though, they're so different! Then again, I always love those classic horror stories. They can be pretty frightening. I remembered I once read a short horror story called Smee. It was so good and really frightening. I read it in a dark and gloomy celler, below the then National Library, once upon a time when I was temping there. Brrrr. Can't find that book again though. Vanished.

Smee is a story about hide and seek, where there was an extra person when they played, and one less person when they ended (I think). Smee was short for It's me. I can't remember most of the story now, but I can remember that one really gave an icy feeling down my spine. Definitely not one story to remember right now, especially I'm all alone.

Baby is happily sleeping. The pacifier works wonders. Heh. This morning, he was happily playing with his toys. After a while, when I checked on him, I found paper stuffed in his mouth. Duh. Had to dig out the wet paper from the roof of his mouth, and he was definitely not pleased that I was stealing his gold again. Can not leave my eyes off him. Duh.

Can't wait to watch my animes again. Such a fluke. After four days. The files were corrupted. :(

PPL was quite reluctant to lend me her girl's walker after all. Oh well, I guess not everyone are as nice as our neighbours. I think we're spoilt by them. Gosh, they are nicer than some of my friends. It's a wake up call actually, and it makes me think who my friends truely are. The neighbour girl is still using the walker, perhaps we might wait, perhaps we might get one ourselves. I really didn't want to waste money getting a walker, but if there's no choice, then we'll have to get one. Baby loves to stand, and he's so eager, what right do I have to stop him? *sigh* Some babies skip the crawling part, looks like my boy is doing just that. :P He got a big butt.

Life is still difficult. I have gotten into a bad habit of spending money and it's quite hard to stop cold turkey. *sigh* But not being able to go out equals to not spending money, so I guess that works out fine. I should really start jogging again. And swimming, and really do some yoga at home. :X *bleah*

Now? I think I just want to sleep. :P

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