Thursday, July 13, 2006

Observations of the week

Quite a few things have happened this week. I had wanted to write earlier, but got caught up in spider. Damn quite addictive. Hah.

Sitting at the back of a lorry was pretty exciting. I don't understand why my younger brother is scared of it. Doesn't he have balls? Duh. I loved the wind in my face, and I could see a couple of stars. Bumps on the road get exaggerated, and you could stare at people in their cars. So there I was in my dirty pants and expensive tods slippers, hanging on tightly to the wooden seat. Baby got the front aircon of course, and he didn't seem to miss me, even when I knocked on the glass and wave wildly at him. :(

I was rather upset for the past few days. But it's wonderful what a few durians could do to you. Nevermind that they were a little unripe. My father and his wonderful nose. He sniffed out the good ones, and was so confident in his nose that he didn't get the seller to cut up the durians. The fussy princess rejected two, heh heh. But the ones which were ripe were very good. And it really warms me that my father delivered the durians to me. We ate them together, and none for baby this time. He gets super hyper and jumpy after durians!

Life really changes after one has a baby. When was the last time I had lunch or dinner with my galfriends? They're all too busy for me, and I for them. And a married woman with a baby probably makes boring talk too. I missed the dim sum lunches and the yoga. Ha, wished my friends would quickly get married and have a baby then we can hang out together and talk shop. :P Perhaps it's time to make new friends, like Wen and her doggy friends, but I guess I'm a difficult person to make friends with. :P

Baby loves standing up now. Why lie down when he can sit up? Why sit up when he can stand? Oh yeah, baby dearest would grab my shirt and trys to pull himself up, failing which, he'll look at you with the most adorable eyes and keeps trying and you just have to give him a hand. He can stand unsupported by me, just holding on the the sofa or table. And he can stand for a loooong time. I'll be asking around my friends if they can loan me a walker. PPL seems rather agreeable. Thank goodness. Walkers are such a waste of money otherwise.

Dear hubby has the cutest of baby's photo as his wallpaper in his computer in his office. Anyone who sees the photo all exclaim how cute and beautiful he is. Heh heh. One day a pregnant lady saw it, and really went gaga. She went a clicking of her tongue as she gazed upon the picture. Erm, don't we only do that to the real McCoy?

I must remember to serve my dear hubby when we get home. And not just eat my food which my parents got for me and ignore hubby who wants to watch TV. Oh yes, even if he's glued to the TV and no matter how much I call out to him which he doesn't reply, I must still get his food and bring them to him. Otherwise his mother would say I never take care of him, and only care for my own hunger. Oh yes, one must put up a good show in front of his mother. But you know what? I don't give a damn. From someone who never even give me a single gift when we got married, or when I had a baby, from someone who was pretty reluctant to take care of baby, from someone who complained that I had to work late, like it's my choice, and am not taking care of baby. I say, BAH.

Oh yes, there I was eating the grapes that sis-in-law brought, and she said I must leave some for hubby, but I know my guy doesn't like grapes, for they are too sickenly sweet for his throat, and I said so, and suddenly ... oooh, I've become the evil wife who wants all the grapes for herself and none for her precious son which means I don't care for him!

You know, sometimes I wonder why she does that. Does she want me to leave her son so that she'll be happy that he's miserable? Or maybe she simply doesn't like to see me happy. *shrug* ... Like I care.

I gained about seven kilos when I was pregnant, and lost ten after that. I'm perpetually hungry, I'm overworked, and I don't have time even for yoga. Yes, I'm whining. This is my blog and I can whine all I like. Don't read it if you don't like. I haven't whine for a long time, and I have no one to whine to. Whining to my mother is not satisfactory. She just isn't a good listener.

That night baby and I went out for dinner with the sis-in-law, her kids and my pil. Without poor hubby who had to work late. Originally we were supposed to eat somewhere near the area, but plans changed, and we went somewhere central. SIL was nice and offered to drive me and baby back home after that. But noooo ... mil said that's too troublesome for her, and so I got dropped at hubby's workplace and had to wait one hour for him to finish. Poor baby didn't get his sleep again (slept at 1am). I guess we just aren't important at all. And I guess she just wasn't too pleased that I wanted to eat with them too. After all, she'd dapaoed some fish soup rice for me. :X

And yes, I am a bit upset that she thinks poorly of me. There are days when I rushed from work to go help hubby because he's alone. There are nights when baby and I go down and help him till late in the night and poor baby doesn't get his sleep, and neither do I have enough. I cooked lunch and dinner as often as I can, so that hubby doesn't always eat hawker food. I not only wash his clothes, I scrub them before putting them in the washing machine. I get back ache from bending and washing clothes but I still scrub each and every shirt of his. I iron his clothes. I make breakfast for him unless I'm too tired which is like always now. I clean the house during the weekdays when it gets too dirty. I take care of baby all alone when I'm home from work. What right does she have to say I never take good care of her son? What right does she have to critisise me? When hubby got sick, I got blamed. I never give him fruits, I never cut tomatos for him. Good grief. I never get any special treatment from hubby. Before and after, and never any special treatment from her either. There are times when we go to my parents' place for dinner after which I get dumped at TP with baby and we have to take the long train ride home. That is definitely no special treatment.

People who have nothing good to say should simply keep their mouths shut before it rots.

So see, I got lots of things to whine about and get off my chest.

I finally caved in and bought baby a pacifier. It said on it 'I love mama'. Heh heh. :) There's another one which said 'Dad's the best'. But that's for >12 months. Hope he doesn't need one by then! I was tired of being his human pacifier. The first time I gave to my boy, he kept popping it in and out of his mouth, and bit everywhere except the teat. I had to grab his hands and popped the pacifier proper into his mouth. He's a fast learner for sure. Looks like he likes it pretty much. *sigh* Boys ... all so insecure one, the neighbour's girl didn't need one. Oh well.

You might have read about Wen and her addiction with Chinese dramas. Me? I have my animes. Ohhh yes. Talk about addiction. At the height of my depravement, I watched non-stop through the night. Say, Full Metal Alchemist, 51 episodes in all, say, about 25 minutes each. I remember that time, I came home, watched through dinner till 3 or 4am, rested for an hour, went to work, came home, repeat and finished it within two or three days. I win hands down. Ha. Hunter X Hunter also got me hooked. But the good news is that, good animes are pretty rare. Heh. Right now, I got interested in another one. It's very comical, a little crazy aka gay, got lovely graphics, and the plot seems interesting too. Heh. Hubby rolled his eyes the first time he saw it. But you know, it's just cute. Comic relief. :P I quite like the cutsy animes. They're very fun to watch.

Okay, finally the observation which really took the cake: I saw a crazy cab driver stopping in the middle of a yellow box of a T-junction to let off a passenger. And a bus was turning just behind the cab. Cab drivers have traffic rules unbeknownst to anyone else.

I am hungry. :P

Speaking off food, particularly breakfast, nowadays I take my morning drink at work. Four tablespoons of milo plus two tablespoons of condensed milk. Yum yum yum. I wonder who tried to hide the milo behind the other containers on the shelves. Heh, they must have a shock that the milo powder went down so suddenly. Four tablespoons really scrapes the bottom! :p

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