Sunday, July 23, 2006

Walkie Talkie

We got my boy a walker after all. I brought him over to my neighbour's place and let him try out the walker and he was absolutely delighted. How can we deprive him of some fun in life? Furthermore, he's too heavy and it's good to let him walk a bit. :P

So boy oh boy went a zooming everywhere today, backwards of course. While we were having lunch at the dining table, we waved to him and he got very excited and retreated even further. Of course he wasn't too happy, and wanted to sit at the table with us. And now that he's ever slightly mobile, he's starting to grab things off shelves. Duh.

Ah well.

Fifteen hours of anime all day. I win Wen hands down. Had a headache the next day. Latest liking: Kyou Kara Maou. Loved it! Well, the plot isn't exactly the greatest, but it's so comical, and there're really pretty characters. Hahah. It's hard to find good animes nowadays. Read more about it here.

I got HM interested in Mushishi too. Heh. Hmmm, it's amazing what wikipedia has.

I am so immersed in the Japanese Langauge now. Perhaps I should do some revision. :)

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