Sunday, July 09, 2006

Friend talk, poo talk,

When you've decided that you want to write, it's better to write first, instead of reading everyone else's blog and getting sidetracked. :P

But Wen's latest post got me sniggering again. You'd think that if she's working in a multi-international company, they would have some, not high tech, but current technology. Who in the stone ages still uses the OHP? Wah cow.

BTW, Sat mornings I'm usually helping my hubby. Can breakfast with me ok?

Most interesting observation of the year: Baby's fart smells exactly like mine!

I failed to mention that last Sunday, baby pooed twice. Once in the morning, so I had him changed in the comfort of the home. The other in the afternoon while we were having our Sunday brunch, which was why I was grumbling about not having any diaper changing facilities in that posh-but-not-impressed-hotel. We were wondering what that awful smell was, when suddenly hubby pointed to baby's pants. Yep, yellow stains. Too late, so were hubby's and my shirt. :P

This week, baby pooed on Friday and Saturday. It was such a non-event. I was not the recipient. Thank god. Heh.

I'm trying not to spend too much money buying fruits. Can cost me almost $30 just visiting the stall. Urrgh. Missed the cherries though. But no, do not stop there. It's not only Wen who's spending money! Darn. Especially when we're not earning any money now. *sigh*

I will stop yoga for a while, and just practise at home as much as I could. Meanwhile, I shall start jogging and perhaps swim when my parents come to watch baby. This morning I set the alarm at 6am, but the body is stronger than the mind. Heh. Oh well, there's always another day. :)

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