Wednesday, January 11, 2006


It rains the whole day and the world takes on a mysterous feeling. It's not fun to go out in the rain unless you have a car. Even then, the raindrops on the windscreen adds to the strange feeling as everything outside the window runs in streams down the windpane.

I haven't gone out alone for ages, and there's this unreal feeling going out all by myself in the rain.

Dear hubby must fix the handbrake! It's so dangerous to drive without one. I wonder how he can manage all this time!

Wen is going away during the long holidays. Unfortunately I won't be able to go anywhere for a while. It'll be nice to have a little getaway. Perhaps at the end of the year and when hubby can take some time off too.

Baby loves his milk very much. He's taking more than 80ml per feed. Even 100ml isn't enough for his little extended tummy! Talk about being greedy. Shessh. At least Joshua Bell is able to soothe the little dear. :)

Next stop: Yoga. Next month can bring baby in together for my yoga classes! :) Will have to practise bringing baby out and feeding him outside!

Seen on TV: A mime auditioning for American Idol. What a laugh. Simon says this is the best song we've ever heard.


Most of us will be hitting the big three this year. How time flies. Must have big celebrations. :) Or many exercises. Apparently the body metabolism starts slowing down. Darn, Wen is doing yoga like three to four times a week! Gotta catch-up!!

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