Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Rain rain go away

Dear blog,

You are now my official place to whine. Where else can I find a place to whine in peace?

Damn damn damn, I'm aching all over. It is certainly NOT a good idea to push meself so hard. My hamstrings ache, my shoulders ache ... I think I sprained my left shoulder. My neck still aches. My arms ache.


Truth be told, it isn't so bad. Especially just after a hot bath. And a few koyoks. And the ache is a good ache. It means muscles are building. haha.

Why does baby cry so?

Surely he's not hungry again? He's just eaten ... and thrown up.

Perhaps he needs a diaper change. Hmmm, screams his lungs out. Guess not.

Perhaps he's little tummy hurts from having too much. Rubs oil. Screams his lungs out. Next.

Perhaps he just wants to be held and rock. Screams his lungs out.

Okie, perhaps he is hungry after all.

Ahh. Greedy little cute dear.


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