Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rain stops already

Finally after a whole day of rain rain rain, the skies finally decided to stop crying and clear out. It feels like a public holiday today. Everyone is at home. Younger brother came over to celebrate baby's one month. Not that we celebrated much. He just wanted mom to cook abalone for lunch (for him). *bleah* I drove to the train station to pick him up because it was raining so heavily. It was quite scary to drive in the rain. One month of not driving makes it feels so strange to drive again. One month of staying at home (not all the time of course) makes going out so strange. I feel so out of touch with the world.

We bought a sling to try out baby-wearing. Not sure how it works yet. Tried to put baby in it, but he doesn't seem very comfy. Perhaps it is a wrong buy? Oh dear.

To tscd: Me never go back to my obstetrician (yet). :P I know it's quite normal for baby to spit up after meals especially if he is not burped properly. But mothers always worry. Especially since he's drinking until tummy sooo round! And bloated. And so often too. Hmmm. And especially Mom keeps going on about how much milk I'm giving to baby.

I do hope PM will come over soon and take a look at baby. Not sure if she'll be of help though. Perhaps I just need someone to tell me everything is all right. That job falls to dear hubby, but I can see him rolling his eyes at me everytime I start to worry. heh heh.

Anyway, I hate mixing work life and personal life. Them collegues aren't exactly very friendly to me at work, and I don't see why they would want to come and visit me. Perhaps it's just courtesy, but I don't feel like having the energy to entertain some people whom I don't have anything to say to. We're not like exactly friends, you know. *shrug*

I think I shall change obstetrician next time. :P

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