Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rain makes everything damp

To Xena: You're not doing yoga anymore?

Yep, yoga it is which is making me realise just how stiff I've become. I thought going to this S's class would not be too difficult, after all, she has always been quite mild, plus it was a beginner class. After the fifth sun saluation I was still all right, until she went into the sun saluation variation 2, and I was starting to go slow motion. Damn damn damn. To think I could easily have done 20 sun saluations, the full works, so easy last time. And my jelly thighs hurt.

She never does the inversions though. I'd rather go back to V's class. Hmm, am thinking of going for D's beginner class tomorrow. Am I being too ambitious? :P

One and a half hour ago, baby drowned 100ml of milk. One and a half hour later, he was hungry. Tell me am I feeding a bottomless pit?


What do you do when your colleagues would like to visit you and you don't want them to visit?

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