Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Girl Wednesday

The one good thing which comes out of reading blogs is being able to get many recommendations of books. In the past, whenever I go to the library, it's like digging through a whole platter in the salad bar. So many to choose from! What is good!? Then you pick up a few at random and get disappointed when they don't turn out to be nice. So today I managed to find American Gods from the library. After 'hearing' so much about it from the wow-crazed idol. Heh heh. And it seems so many other people are reading Neil Gaiman and liking his books. So no harm trying right? :)

The other book I borrowed was by Ian Rankin. On reaching home, I realised I've read the book before. A question of blood. Okie, so I've finished the entire series of his DI Rebus. Check. Hmmm .... what's next?

The menu changed and there wasn't anymore the nice pumkin and taro dessert. *sob sob* I didn't quite like the grass jelly after all. I thought I might be able to tolerate it, but I guess it really didn't go very well. Still, it was nice to see Min ... and she is no longer wearing all black! Pink!! heh heh heh. I wonder what stuffs she bought at the sale. Must be something nice. :)

Dating. I like what Xena has written. A date is a date is a date. Whether it is romantic or not. If you're already committed in a relationship and you go out with someone else of the opposite sex alone, surely it can only be uncomfortable, ya?

Here are my views.
#1. All girls/women can get jealous. Some just hide it better than others.
#2. All girls/women are possessive. Some just hide it better than others.
#3. If you are really okay that your significant other goes out on a date with a person of the opposite sex, then you'd better ask yourself what this relationship means to you.
#4. If you are really okay going out on a date with a person of the opposite sex and you're already in a committed relationship, then you'd better ask yourself what this relationship means to you.

If you're just having an 'outing', then it shouldn't be just the two of you in a 'date' setting. Throw in a few common friends. For me personally, I'll feel real uncomfortable if I were to go out with some other guy alone, even if he happens to be my very good friend. *shrug*

I have a theory. People go out with others if they are interested in that person. However, men are different from women. When a girl meets up with her best girlfriend, they are interested in catching up with each other's lives, gossip about the latest fashion, dogs, or whatever thingy, shop and/or do things together. When a guy meets up with a girl, is he really interested in exchanging their life history? Think about it. :P

Interesting word : elision. Obtained from Ian Rankin's latest book, Freshwater Close (I think) or was it Fleshwater Close? You know how irritating it is that nowadays books in the library got their front page half covered by the library sticker and you can hardly make up the title of the book. I digress. Eg. gahman. heh.

I'm sure baby was burped many times. And I kept him upright for a long while. Yet he throws up. He is really drinking too much, isn't he? Full already still go on wanting more milk. Tsk tsk tsk. Very heavy now. Make that 4.9kg. heh.

Bathing baby isn't as easy as it seems. Mom has been doing it for the past month and I'm now slowly taking over. He is heavy, that's one thing. And it's tiring to squat on the floor holding him up with one arm. The second day I took a small stool, and had to use my right hand to hold him while washing him with my left. Even then, I was scared to drop him into the water. He sure wouldn't be too pleased if water gets into his nose!

Fortunately, he's enjoying his bath nowadays. Just that he hates getting his face cleaned. I wonder why. Hmm. Haven't learn to kick in the water yet. He just looked a bit stunned whenever he's being bathed. :)

The best part of all this is having baby snuggle in your arms on your chest and soundly asleep. :)

Staying at home ... and having lots of time, is making me become a TV addict. I never used to watch so much tv! I guess it was the type of horrible programs which were shown by mediaC. Now having cable changes things. And you know what, this is the first time I'm actually watching American Idol ... and enjoying it! Gosh, you can just get hooked on all those programs. Hmm, I like that young chap David whathisname. :P

So there I would be, feeding baby with one arm, and watching stuffs like: Who's line is it anyway; Malcolm in the middle ...etc. Hey, it's so much easy when you're watching something or reading something and feeding baby at the same time. Time passes by faster, and your neck will not be abused by looking down at baby during that period of time. Speaking of which, my neck and shoulders are starting to hurt again. Damn.

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