Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Days in the life of a housewife

So what have I become?

Mom has gone home for good. It's actually not too bad, still can cope, just need to be more hardworking. I mean, it's really not easy being a stay-at-home mom/wife. You'd think that one can just go out and shop and enjoy life, but it really isn't. You're just tired most of the time, and oh I need the sleep!

Today I thought of going for yoga in the morning and leave baby with hubby, but I was tired. And lazy. And really tired. I needed just five more minutes of sleep. And five more. Okie, I just didn't feel like going down to torture myself. So there. :P

Where did all the time go to?

Yesterday I woke up at about 6, bathed, fed baby, did some sun saluations (rare!) and prepared breakfast, had breakfast and cleared up breakfast, see hubby to work. By then it was 9. After that bathed baby, fed baby, washed clothes (really scrubed them!) and that would be 11. Baby woke up, fed him and took a half-hour nap with him. Prepared lunch for two at 12, ate and washed up, fed baby, rested half an hour, see hubby off to work and it was almost 3. Hanged clothes out to dry, prepared dinner for 5. Ate and washed up, fed baby, see hubby off to work, and that would be about 7. Baby didn't want to sleep, walked him up and down, and wished hubby would come home soon to take over. Non-stop action man. How not to be tired?

It's good baby dearest is now sound asleep on his granny's pillow (which she forgot to bring back) and mattress. *whew*

And it's fortunate I don't have to wash clothes today.

Okie, I should be folding up the clothes and keeping them ... but I'm feeling lazy. :P

Lunch and dinner nowadays are either one pot soup or one pot claypot. The hood has died dismally. Dumb plastic melted and crashed one day. Second time actually. That's the kind of cheap and lousy material they gave us. Of course we got it tied up, but it was making strange sounds and spluttering black char at us so I'm not going to use it! So lunch yesterday was vege soup with fish; dinner was claypot chicken. Lunch today was claypot pork and abalone. Heh. We decided to treat ourselves to one can of abalone. Yummie!

So dinner tonight would be eggs and chilli prawns. I ought to start preparing them now, but I'm feeling lazy. Laaaaazzzzzy. And I'm waiting for the one cup green tea to perk me up. Let's hope baby doesn't wake up before I'm done then. :P

Somehow I'm feeling like a prisoner in the house because I can't go out. Have to get a pram! Arrgh.


P.S: I don't dislike what I was reading - American Gods. In fact, I shall try to get more of his stuffs. They are good to pass away time while feeding baby. He takes a long time to feed, and I get impatient when I have nothing else to occupy my time. (I'd pull him out and he'll start crying! *bleah*) Used to be that I was playing ps2 and feeding him, but I can't play cos I need to do housework! At least I could put the book down as and when. Was quite bad when I was reading Ian Rankin's books ... can't put them down. heh heh.

So it's really no joke to stay at home full-time! Some people would feel it's easier to go out and work. At least it serves to stimulate the mind. I guess it all depends on what one's priorities are. What do we actually want?

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