Tuesday, January 24, 2006

After thoughts

I've finally finished reading American Gods today. Hmm, interesting concept of a storyline, it has ... but I've read better. It's quite strange to have a fantasy story set in a 'real' setting. You'd have kept expecting the guy would 'rebel' against the queerness. The main character was pretty good, but somehow I didn't really have this 'feeling' for the characters. Perhaps I've not been reading for a long time. Or perhaps there were so many names dropped, that I kinda couldn't keep track. The story couldn't draw me in as much as I wish it could, not enticing enough actually. And the plot was pretty transparent. It didn't come as a surprise when the truth was revealed. And there's one thing about American books ... they're peppered with the f word. And that's why I always prefer to read British.

All in all, okay. Rather like flat beer or something. Not a bad read really, kept the time moving ... especially during feeds.

If it's really a good book, I wouldn't have put it down and would have finished within forty-eight hours. It tells quite a lot that I took quite a while to finish it. Thickness wouldn't bother me.

Oh, and I thought there were some parts which seem quite strangly irrelevant. Like what's the point. Huh.

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