Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Small talk, baby talk

Whenever I'm stress, the one thing that helps is to have a hot shower. There is no hot water this morning. I turned on the taps and only a trickle flowed out. What horrors! I need my morning bath!

It is definitely not a good idea to take a lozenge and go to sleep. When I woke up, I found just a tiny piece left stuck on my hair. What horrors! I need my morning bath! And there's no hot water!!

Two bad things. But here's one good thing. Thank goodness baby did not throw up on me today. He did the day before on my hair!

Dear baby is making all kinds of noises right now. He woke up at about six and fidgeted and fussed and finally got fed. But he didn't seemed extremely hungry. So right now he's just lying there and stretching himself and making all kind of stretching noises. Hmm. So cute.. heh, hope he doesn't throw up.

I forgot what I wanted to write actually. This blog is good. Really good.

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