Friday, November 25, 2005

What's in it?

To me, putting my thoughts down in words is a way for me to overcome a sense of loneliness or when there's something I want myself to remember I don't quite understand what all that thingy about bloggers and writers are about. It seems all rather silly. Perhaps just to be boleow, and add to the mundane day-to-day gossip, it might be a bit interesting then.


2am. I can't sleep. And there's a reason for it.

Part of it is that I'm sick. And I'm feeling terribly sick. Ok, maybe I'm just exaggerating a little. :P If I'm so terribly sick, I won't be able to write, will I? heh. Perhaps I should have taken that stupid flu jab after all. But nooo ... no need, not going to travel. Damn damn and damn.

It's rather strange how one can feel it sneaking upon you ever so slowly. You stuck yourself to the TV, conscientiously and happily killing monsters and following the walkthrough somewhat, time slowly ticked away, and you didn't want to shut your eyes. Just one more room to explore, you thought. Until the body really really couldn't take it anymore and screamed and finally you listened.

Usual waking time the next day, and strangely enough, bright-eyed and full of adrenaline. The clear before the storm. And finally after lunch, just a little more hungry than usual, and you stuffed yourself just a little bit more, and the full force of the gale finally hit you.

A constriction of the chest, an inflmation of the throat, a heavy head, pain in the joints. You lie in bed, and felt all of them highly intensified. Slowly creeping up, a bit more each time. It's like watching in slow motion the camera paning in onto the flower, where each petal slowly uncurls.

Damn, damn and triple damn.

On a sidenote, I think there are bloody mosqitoes in the house!

*itch itch itch* *@*!&!

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