Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hedonistic Pleasure. Grumpy. Edgey

Dear blog,

I feel sick.

Perhaps I shouldn't have eaten that third packet of chocolate waffle, straight after lunch.

Perhaps I shouldn't have drank the one-day-expired fresh milk, even though Mom would say one day only nevermind.

Perhaps baby was kicking just a little too furiously the whole of yesterday.

Perhaps it was the thought of having to go to work again tomorrow.

But one thing for sure, it's definitely the lack of sleep today. Damn eyes are now like Panda. Just one night. Plus many long hours staring at the TV. Gosh, how I do feel queasy.

And there I was trying to catch up on my winks, the damn phone kept ringing. Can't one just sleep in peace? Hubby yelled at me from below too, especially when I was already dozing off. *mutter*

I'm tired, but I can't get back to sleep. And now my throat is feeling too dry. Thou shalt not touch the ps2 again. ... well, perhaps later, after I've rested a little more. :P


I've never spent so much on games before. Am so much motivated to finish it! :P


It's so difficult for me to get some rest in the afternoon. My parents are here, and it's nice that they offer to cook. However, they're SO NOISY! And they have to keep calling me asking me about stuffs ... like how much rice to cook. HUH? Goodness, I'm sure you pple can decide on your own! I haven't been cooking as long as you have!

And the bloody phone kept ringing. Aiyah ... so irritating.
And my bloody f***ing phone is not receiving/sending smses properly again.
And the stupid lift is making hell of a bloody f***ing noise the whole day.
And I can't really lie down properly because baby kept squriming.
And I feel a cough coming.




I'm feeling extremely edgey today. The damn low frequency vibes from the machinery is driving me crazy. My throat is feeling ticklish and the cough is getting under my skin. I had to keep convincing mom not to be afraid of those big financial institutions. Why be cowed by them? They are desperately needing you! You! The customer. Ha. Even peanuts they also want, you know. The economy is *that* bad. Didn't you hear their desperate vulturic cries? The last time I even 'scolded' the promoter, because I was so annoyed when she called me the third time. The first time I told her politely I wasn't interested. The second time she called I reminded her nicely that she had called me already and I've told her I wasn't interested. The third time pissed me off. If she can't even keep tabs of who she had called, she deserved to be ticked off.

Perhaps it was the few sips of coffee I stole from mom's cuppa. :P Father always made deliciously sinfully sweet coffee.

I shall remove my nail polish and put on a new coat (if I can). This time the nails were very well done. The stuffs they used sure was expensive! But I guess it's pretty worth it. May go back that place again. :)

Anyway, this is damn hilarious. :P

They actually pulled it off. But if you ask me, I think the guy got the better deal. Imagine two hot gals crooning over your feet. Hahaha. Like, ... was it Caesar? - You may kiss my feet. Next time demand for the complete works - soak, bathed, perfumed, trim, massage and paint. heh. Too good leh.

Okie, perhaps the best cure is simply go and kill more baddies. :P

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