Saturday, November 26, 2005

Theory #9671

I have a theory.

When you go for those flu jabs, you becomre relatively flu-free for the whole year. Strong sia, never fall sick. Want to take mc also cannot.

Then when your vaccine expire, and you did not renew it, the bombshells drop and you get it a thousand times more potent than you have ever experienced.

Compared that to not having flu jabs, and you get little fluish the whole year round. Not really powerful to knock you out completely, but enough to be annoying. The usual cough, sniffles etc, and you recover on your own quickly, with less than a couple days of rest.

This morning, I woke up a while ago to find that my throat is completely inflamed, and cannot swallow anything. Pain like hell. Solution? Guggle salt water, it helps a little.


Of course, my theory might be wrong. Maybe the flu bug is getting more powerful nowadays. :P Or my memory is bad, I just don't remember being this sick. *bleah*

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