Sunday, November 20, 2005

Time of the year

It's usually this time of the year that I started living again. And learning new things. Well, perhaps not so soon yet, there's one more week full of activities. Don't ask me how I got myself into it. Afterall, it's not as if it's going to be recognised, you know. There you have your head being super duper demoralising and, I truely feel, super damn unprofessional ... but what would you expect from a place like that? The answer is not to expect anything and just do the things you are happy with. I've stopped caring, although I'm definitely going back very soon ... but I guess I can bear with it ... there are always other and better ways to earn money. Don't wait for them.

So .... usually during this time of the year when I have slightly more free time, which is the main blackmill keeping me sane ... Oh, how sometimes I hate it, yet others I'm ever so grateful, the whole idea being I have to plan what to do, and let it not go to waste.

It was the time ...

when I picked up knitting again and made a nice lovely vest for dearest hubby who is still wearing it close to his heart. He certainly didn't want a new one, but perhaps I should just clean it for him one day. heh heh.

when I picked up violin lessons again and stuck with it for slightly longer until I couldn't stand the teacher. Perhaps I would have done so if not for the expected arrival of baby. I can't commit myself for a year or more violin lessons, unfortunately, at least not right now.

What should I do then, this time round? Perhaps I should try out new recipes. Can a microwave oven with grill do baking? Or I should just sit myself down one day and finish all the knitting projects I've started out with. There is time, and one procastinate when there is a long stretch of time ahead. :P

Perhaps I should revise the japanese lessons. With or without dearest hubby. :P He's better than me at languages, even though I did better during the tests. The reason is simple, I have better short term memory. hahaha. But he has better long term memory. :P So don't ask me anything Jap, for I've given everything back to the teachers! :P

We might try out ballroom dancing next year when we can deposit baby somewhere. That is something dearest hubby always wanted to do. If you ask me, I'm not exactly extremely keen on that, because I don't want to look like a goose. heh ... but if I'm not going to be the only goose *looks pointedly at hubby*, then I guess it won't be too bad. :P

I would like to pick up blading again. I think it's time we learn how to stop. Hubby has only used his new skates .. what, once? twice? Fallen badly and wasn't keen to try again. Tsk tsk tsk. Perhaps I can psycho him to do some yoga so that he can fall gracefully. :P Or at least helps in balancing. :)

I must build up my arm muscles. Not only would it be useful to be carrying baby around, but I must get my handstands done properly. Okie, I always wished I could do cartwheels. There was once I was into juggling too, but attention span a bit too short. I guess it looked fun to be able to do cartwheels and juggling :P, but now I'm a little too old for that. hahaha.

Actually, what I should be doing now and stop procastinating is simply to clear up the papers and the last room. Sort out all those papers, last few boxes and put them away. Then everything would just be perfect. Damn need to find the motivation to do it. It's not easy, you know, when you can just shut the door to the whole room and forget about seeing those mess. heh heh. :P

I'm baaaaddddd. Hubby isn't a good motivator at all, he never even goes into that room. Ha ... Anyway, they're all my rubbish. Perhaps I should just follow what mom would have done. Throw everything away!! Yeah.

I wonder if L managed to buy any of the books I wanted in NZ. Perhaps he was just being polite, you know ... but it would be nice if he could get them. Save me all the postage. heh. Then again, even if he doesn't, perhaps I should purchase them myself. Give myself a nice xmas present. After all, I didn't exactly spend as much on myself as I did last year. hahaa. Which is pretty baaaaddd actually. But really, life is just that. What else is there? :P

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