Sunday, November 20, 2005

Out of sight, out of mind.

I found:

An English-French Dictionary, a Chinese chengyu dictionary, and my trusty oxford baby dictionary.

Two silver plates. Both oxidised. Cheh, my name also not engraved on it. Two years running, and I could not beat her. They said I was so much better than her, and that made me even more nervous. It was a psychological affaire. Perhaps I could have and got a bigger plate. Give me cold hard cash anytime. So what am I to do with them plates? Silver ... hmm, shall I melt them down and make pretty ear-rings? :P

On a side note, I just bought my pretty silver ear-rings myself the other day. Now I'm happy. But my holes seemed to have gotten even smaller. It hurts all the way wearing them. :P

A box full of letters, cards and such. From old friends and lately, from all those kids. Hmm, so where shall I put it? These are the things worth keeping and when you're in your seventies, they'll be lovely to go through them. heh.

Many boxes full of many interesting rubbish. There's Min's test papers - does she want them back? Wen's test papers, many many other papers. Gosh. So many, I'm still sorting all of them out. *wipes sweat* I guess I'll just boxed them up and put them into the furthest reachest of the cupboards. haha. I'm getting as bad as MIL. Mom would have simply chuck everything away. Mustn't let her near my stuffs. :P

* * *
Note to self: Valhorna chocolate is wasted on dearest hubby. He just doesn't appreciate the fine chocolate. Ohhhh ... the chocolate tasted so different from the normal stuffs. Dark, yet not too bitter. Not too sweet and oh so light. They're all mine now! heh heh. P.S: Some of the bars are going on sale at taka. Quick grab them! :P

And I fried my brownie on the microwave oven. Forgot how long it should take to heat it. No hot brownie with vanila ice-cream! *sniff*

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