Saturday, November 26, 2005

Of eternal youth and beauty

This morning, my conspirator smsed me to tell me that she went for microdermabrasion. Hmmm. It seems that she's moving now into the aesthetic beauty of lasers and whatnots. Before that it was chemical peels, but she didn't like it very much. Said the micro very good. Skin very smooth after that. heh ... so what's next? Botox?

My dear conspirator. She's always one step ahead of me. Introduced me to facials, spas, massages and all the high quality of living. Good thing my skin is now in excellent condition, that sometimes I don't even bother washing my face. Arrgh, did I just confess to that? yikes. hahaha. I told her to have a baby too, then she would have nice lovely complexion. Nope, she wasn't very amused at all. :P

And shopping too. She's into expensive bags and shoes and shops which I wouldn't even have stepped into last time. Well, at least I'm spending more on clothes than she has ever had, and that would be my influence towards her.

Anyway, I guess she can afford such high living. She's earning almost twice as much as poor I, no family to feed, and no burden to carry. I give about one-sixth to my parents, and two-sixth to the common account, and what I have left (about half my pay) to pay my own bills plus insurances plus whatever savings I try to save and whatever shopping I do for myself. No wonder I feel broke nowadays! *sigh* Women are such high maintanence creatures. I need to work extra!!! :X

Youth and beauty. We're all getting old. And more conscious of our looks. I think Wen looks perfectly fine. But she's definitely getting paranoid. Her complexion is so much better than many people I've known, yet she's so concerned with the fine lines which I don't really see. Perhaps she's using too much products as it is. It isn't very good after all to put too many chemicals on one's face ya? Oh well. I'd say she's simply has got too much money to spend. hahaha.

Anyway, all women wants to look good. :) Sure hope I can fit into my clothes after this! *bleah*

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