Friday, November 04, 2005

Sweet Endings

Today is a very slow day. Yet the week passes by too fast. I thought of going out, but there wasn't anyone free to go out with me, and I couldn't get my massage appointment, didn't feel like going for facial or nails or hair ... besides, it was rather cold, and my little nuclear reactor didn't seem to be functioning properly to keep me warm. So here I am, drinking milk and eating Crunchie. :P

I made dinner - braised pork ribs with black bean sauce and stir-fry spinach, but didn't feel like eating proper food. It's more for hubby. I could have simply eaten bread and milk for dinner tonight.

What can one do, when one is all alone at home and feeling bored and peckish?

I boiled two kettles of water, I swear it took fifteen minutes each time.
I tried playing the piano. With long nails. It didn't work that way, so that lead to ...
I cut my nails. It's getting damn hard to cut toe nails, but hey, I can still do it. :P
I did a bit more on the booties. Booties are the most difficult to do, especially the part on picking up stitches. Will try to finish the second one later tonight.
I read through what I did last year in November. Was I just as bored during that time of the year? I seemed to be doing more things then. At least I could have gone blading. *sniff*

Oh well ... I wonder what would things be like at this time next year. :)

Wen was very bored too. We could have gone for English tea yesterday or Tuesday but I wanted to spend time with dear hubby. Not that we really did lots of things together, it's just that it's nice to have dear hubby around even if we aren't doing much. I dunno. I just feel happy to be with him. :)

I did feel a little bad not being able to go out with Wen for English tea. We used to do that whenever there's a public holiday. Just sit down at some nice lounge and rot and drink tea. So for tomorrow, we decided to try our hands at making some interesting desserts. :P

The black rice pudding with coconut milk. Bubor pulot hitam.

I tell you, the one we had in Bali was so delicious, I still dream of it sometimes. Oh, how I wish I can go back there and eat again! And the ice-cream. *sigh*

Okie, perhaps I shall stock up on some of those dessert stuffs and make interesting desserts next week! Heh. That's a thought! :)

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