Thursday, November 03, 2005


To the music of Beethoven String Quartets ...

which I've bought a long long time ago, and never listened; which we only decided to play it because one was being played in one of the episodes of Band of Brothers, when the Germans were trying to tidy up their damaged town, and we were looking for that particular sad piece, definitely not Mozart ...

we sat, cuddled up on the sofa, with the sliding windows closed, and we could see the wind whipping furiously outside, silently screaming to get in. The branch of our big plant, thank goodness, seemed supple enough to take such a beating. For a little while, we were rather worried that it would break and fly off like Dorothy in Kansas, but it stood its ground, just swaying in protest ...

and we watched, far far away, where thick clouds appear white in the night sky, every few seconds, a streak of lightning would run across those clouds, left to right, up and down. Brillant flashes sometimes or a bolt of pure energy, brightened up the night as it would like be a day. The most beautiful one we caught, as we stared amazed without blinking, was one lovely long streak, like a silvery dragon, snaking its head from one huge cloud to another. Yet all was silent, for thunder was too far to sing to us ...

and only to the music of Beethoven.

That night was an amazing night where dragons came out to play amongst the clouds.

It has come to an end, the ten episodes of Band of Brothers. Great one that, somehow the whole stuff didn't feel like it was emotionally blackmilling you, but a serious, witty at times, sad other times, movie, and overall something you can watch and mull about later.

Well, perhaps it was the lack of those heart wrenching music whenever someone died. The world went silent, which I think, was definitely more apt.

It's rather scary how people can prosecute their own country men because one f***ing charismatic leader said so. I once knew a German chap and we spoke a little on the war. Damn, now I can't remember what it was, so long ago.

And now ... Iran and Isreali, Pakistan and India. Muslims and Jews, Muslims and Hindus. Hubby says the Muslims have been oppressed, and that is why they're striking back now. I need to read up more. Hmmm ... where can I find books.

And here's a thought. Although the US army were thought to be heros, winning the war and liberating the Jews, and stopping the madness of a man, war is still an ugly thing all together.

I guess it's different when you are hiding in trenches and shooting at figures too far to see clearly, or throwing your gernades into buildings to take out the kuarts, or firing your AA guns. But when you come face to face with another human being, an arm's length away, where in different circumstances, you might hold up your arm for a shake, or a smoke, and talk about things under the sun, but instead you are forced to kill him at point blank. To shoot or be shot. I wonder what goes in their heads, their nerves and how much it can affect them.

Perhaps there is an hatred, but some are not animals, and is that a good reason to kill another being? Yet the instinct to survive is too strong.

I do not know if I find it disturbing, that they looted of the spoils of war, just like any other. Does it cause a diminish in your eyes what you think a hero should be? If not me, someone else would. Rank has privileges. I was silent in the part when Capt Spiers walked out calmly with all the silverware in the house to send them home. I was silent in the part when the three solders entered and terroised a civilian where Webster refused to participate, and the private shot him in the head when he ran away. I was silent when a replacement shot and killed a German, a French and later Seg. Grant, when he was most likely drunk, and was later caught and beaten up, and almost killed.

Where is the line drawn?

Major Winters seem to be a good guy through it all. That is consistency. heh. I love it when he rubbed Capt. Sobel's nose in the mud. heh heh.

And speaking of Sobel, I know that guy also acted in Friends. He has a face which always makes me think of St Bernard, the dog, you know ... a long rather gloomy face that is rather amusing but not really funny. Exactly like how a St Bernard would be. :P

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