Sunday, November 13, 2005



Fish soup. With green vege, liver, a couple of prawns, tofu, tomatoes, a bit of salt and sauce. Oh, not forgetting chicken stock.


If I may say so myself, it's one million times so much nicer and tastier than those you find outside! Definitely not too salty, and lots and lots of fish. The stuff almost overflowed the pot.

And I'm feeling happy and full because it was really a nice fish soup. Between hubby and myself, we wiped the bowl clean.


Homecooked is still da best! Gosh, I am sooo sick of food outside. They're either too salty or too ... well, whatever. Just plain sick.

*rubs tummy contendedly*

And dear hubby offered to wash up the dishes. He did it before going off to play ps2. I am soo tired, my feet are soo tired. He's so nice isn't he? :) He came up a while ago looking pleased, and I bet to inform me that he has washed all the dishes. I was surprised that he did them so fast, and instantly became suspicious. So are all the pots and pans and rice cooker washed too? I asked innocently. heh heh .. caught him there, and he sheepishly replied, oh ... those also must wash ah. *pengsan*

Hubby's blur friend is coming tonight. Trust me, you wouldn't want to see such person for your ills next time. :P Okie, so I offered (big mouth me) to cook something. Now, what should the something be which is not so tiring? I am feeling rather tired today. Yesterday was high and full of adrenaline. Today no energy lah. Besides Wen told me there's a sale at Tods, and I'm itching to go there! *sniff sniff*. And I want to go Ikea and get a few stuffs too. *sniff sniff*

I think I shall go and sleep instead.

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