Sunday, November 13, 2005


The morning after ... tired, aching, slightly zombified, still slightly high, but losing steam ...


Maybe it was the coffee.


I thought it went pretty well. At first we were panicking when we saw the portions. Thought it was too little, and hubby rushed out to get more stuffs, like kueh (which was a hit), extra paper utensils (which was never used), more drinks, desserts etc. But it seemed to end up pretty all right, perhaps the guests didn't eat as much as we thought they would. All going on diet ah. hahaha. But people did compliment that the food was pretty good, and everyone seemed happy, so I guess that's all right.

There was this okay-cute little boy who was helping us to wipe our stairs using his bum, going down every step then up again and down again. Not my relative! A bit irritating actually. I prefer kids who are well-behaved. :P

P's baby girl was quite a hit. Hubby concluded that she was the only one in dress and looked sharp and pretty. Hubby's friend's baby boy came in with drool on his half-opened mouth, looking blur and grinning away. Looked kinda leering-like actually. So young! Tsk tsk ... hahaha. Girls always looked sharp and boys looked blur. heh heh.

The morning after ...

Opening up all the stuffs given to us is really fun. :) I liked the stuffs some of my friends gave me, especially the ones I get to choose myself. And you can always trust your aunties to give you the things you need. I got a slow cooker, a fruit juicer, a multi-purpose blender, and mom gave me a microwave oven which is way too big for the kitchen. And I realised I'm a kinda branded person. Hmm, nevermind. :P It's good to have aunties. Maybe I should invite my other set of aunties over and get them to give me more stuffs. heh heh heh.

Then there are some gifts which you wonder if they had been recycled. :P I do have a highly suspicious mind. And I wonder why people give of all things a rice-cooker. Surely it should be quite common sense that we would have one, that being one of the basic appliances to have! Duh. The steamer was quite interesting, but I wonder if it can fit my plate in. Perhaps I shall try it later for lunch. Steamed fish. We are all utterly sick of outside food. Homecooked is still da best!

And Min gave me a very lovely day-to-day calender on Yoga. :) Actually to tell you the truth, I hate such calenders. Arrgh. How am I ever going to use it? To tear each page out as the days go by?!?!! WAaaah. Can I bear to do that? Humf.


The life of the party goes to Wen's bf who is a natural stand-up comedian. People gets attracted to him like fleas, not a problem. He's huge and highly visible. :P Hubby's friend T was also quite a laugh ... you know, some people when they opened their mouth, before they say anything, they laughed first, and it can be damn catching. Makes him likable and easy-going. If PM were here, she would have been highly entertaining as well. We didn't have time to go around and talked to all our friends, but it seemed that everyone got on nicely. It seemed that there were quite a few accountants. I didn't know I had so many friends who were accountants. hahahaa.

My younger bro commented that everytime he sees Wen, she seemed to be shrinking. That's a first! Hahaha. Hubby thinks it is because C is getting bigger and bigger too. He has a waistline of a nine-month pregnant woman! We told him he must be harbouring a dead foetus inside. Nope, it's a live one, and his extended bro told him that he must not be drinking beer in the afternoon. Ha .. like real. :P

Dear hubby, my father and my younger bro all told me they couldn't recognise Xel when they saw her. Hubby thought it was some auntie. hahhaa. Better not let her know that one. :P I don't think she has changed a lot, hmm, maybe it's just the hairstyle.

And one of hubby's friend didn't turn up. When asked, he replied ... oh, isn't it on Sunday? *slaps forehead*


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