Sunday, November 20, 2005

The quality of life

Grandma seems to have come down with some infection again. She has very little appetite, is having some coloured discharge, but otherwise is still the same as ever. We got her the gel cushion, hopefully it would help the bed sores. They're healing ever so slowly now, even with applying the medicated lotion twice a day. We told mom that if she continues not to eat, she'll probably have to be sent to hospital for drip.

Hardly any of her other children comes to visit her anymore. There was no point too. She wouldn't know you anyway. Living a life of a plant. Oblivious. I guess mom is just so used to it. One can't just neglect a human life after all. I wonder how others could do that.

Perhaps a few years back, when they said do not recus, the children should have just gather around and let her go in peace. Oh no, they were angry and demanded that she be sent to private care. Now, they dump her with mom and hardly ever bother, only once in a while when their conscious twitched. Mom is a prisoner in her own house. She cannot go for a holiday but she never complained. At least she is able to balance everything properly.

People who have never been in such situation should keep their mouths shut.

I thought it was quite sweet that the japanese princess has gotten married. Darn, and she got two million dollars. wow.


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