Friday, November 18, 2005

Home alone with the muck

When you hang around in the house too long, you'd realised that the floor needs mopping. So you end up on your hands and knees. Once a week is too little. It's so easy to become obsessed.

And the mats need scrubbing.

Maybe I should go and swim again. :P

King-Rook-Pawn vs King-Bishop-Pawn. I was a little worried back there, but I've finally managed to out-manoeuvre him. Yippee!! :) Mate in two. Did he see it coming? Muhahahaha.

I asked my neighbour what she did till her birth. Oh, she had a sister to visit and friends to play mahjong with. Me? I can only either go out shopping and get tired, or stay at home and be a good cook and housekeeper. *sniff* Oh, so sometimes I do play some chess, when opponents finally make their bloody slow moves, do some knitting, which gives me neck aches, or be on the computer. How boring. I guess it is the people that one gets to hang out with that makes the difference.



If only massage does for me what it does for you ... but I hate being touched by the 'wrong' hand (vibes). ~xena

PM told me that she once went for a massage and didn't like it too. I have two theories about this. Firstly and most importantly, you have to find someone good at it. Not everyone is good at giving massages you know. I guess you can find the good ones by word of mouth. *hint* Ask me. :P

Secondly, it may not be very relaxing going for massage the first time ever. Your shoulders and neck muscles are in knots and it can be very painful. You have to consciously relax them when they are being massaged and not become tensed up. I first started going for massage because my shoulders, neck and lower back were killing me. Wen introduced me to this therapist who does sports massage. She took one look at me and called me the Empress Dowager. Damn, do I looked so hunched? She spend the whole hour massaging the knots. I was pretty blue-black after that. Good thing my tolerance towards pain was pretty high. Obviously I went back for more bashing. But it worked. I don't even get a twinge of lower back pain anymore! Even carrying a big watermelon everyday. :P Together with doing yoga, I guess my posture had pretty much improved and nowadays I only do massage when I get tight shoulders from doing too much work, and basically I just do it for relaxing. heh heh. :P

When you looked around you, you can see that many people have very hunched and tight shoulders. Their shoulders are stiff and high into their necks. Many people in my profession look like that too. I feel so sorry for them. hahahaa. I guess they don't even know that they are being hunched. :P

I guess the primary reason I started doing yoga was because I wanted to improve my posture. And massages helped too, to relax the muscles, else I could never do some of the more open poses in yoga for the shoulders. One of my yoga teachers said always to stand tall, imagine your spine being stretched from end to end, hold your head even and consciously relax your shoulder blades or push them down. Tadasana. I don't do yoga so much as to try to lose weight or become strong. For me, it's more of being flexible ... and graceful, and to tone up a little. :) I should try to build up strength soon, so that I can do handstands properly. :P Darn, there's still so much things to do in yoga!

After doing yoga for so many years, one thing I find is that it is so much fun doing inversions. heh heh heh. :)

Min started doing yoga and she seems very much into it. heh. Goodness gracious, imagine last time when I kept telling her to start yoga and she didn't want. :P I'm still wondering what made her into a convert. :) Does it mean that one day she'll do blading and swimming as well? heh heh heh.

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, a friend once said I looked a little like Shu Qi. And it's only until the day before yesterday that I actually saw a picture of how Shu Qi looked like. Waaaaaah ... got meh? Got look like meh? I'll be very happy if so. hahahaha. Dodo. Think my friend only say to make me happy. CHEH. *bleah*

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