Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Baby talk

oKie, I guess I'm going to be one of those boring people people 'complain' about who talk about their babies, kids etc etc. Domesticated. Definitely.


Then again, what else is there to blog about when authorities are breathing down your back eavesdropping on your thoughts and ready to make an example out of you whenever possible? Big brother is everywhere. 1982 gave me the creeps.

So here's a happy domesticated post all about my baby.

One thing for sure, he is very very active. Playing drums and kicking football in my tummy almost all day, somersaulting and hiccupping sometimes. We saw on Discovery Channel what babies do in the womb, those 4-D scan. Sometimes they would be sucking their thumbs, playing with their noses and dreaming a lot.

I hope he likes Joshua Bell. :)

I hope playing Joshua Bell will put him to sleep next time!

Baby doesn't like it very much when I lie on my side sometimes. You can tell. He would wobble wobble wobble, and start thumping me. Hard. Ouch.

I can feel his knobbly little BIG feet.

And there are still a few things we haven't bought yet. Oh dear. :P

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