Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Obsession Two.

There has been a conspiracy. Min is trying to kill me.

Last night she gave me a packet of the most delicious Amos cookies ever! Double chocolate with chocolate chips!!

As of 3.30pm today, there is only less than half left in the packet.

Who stole the cookies from the cookie bag?

How can the poor cookie monster say no to cookies eh? There is no stopping. There is no truce. There is no statemate. There is no white flag. There is only .... THE cookies. One after another. The last one I swear, I promise. The last one, no more, no less. But still into the mouth they disappear mysterously.

Did we mention that the recovery from flu was a long drawn out process? That there were two terrible nights of inflamation and much much pain?

There were actually two packets, but wise woman her, took one away. BWAWaawaaaaaaa....

I did not feel a tickle in my throat. Did you?



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