Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Obsession Three

My mom is the kind of mother who does not believe that her daughter can swim. And can swim quite well too. Gah.

When I say I swim laps, I swim from one end of the pool to the other. Without stopping. And swim seriously I do. Laps. An almost 25m pool that is. Damn, mom really didn't believe that was me swimming from one end to another. Gah.

Gah gah gah.


Heck, when I went to ubud Bali, I swam the infinte pool from one end to another. Deep end some more. I confessed it was rather frightening at the deep end. It was really deep, and my heart did go into my mouth for a while, but I stuck to it, and I swam from end to end. Gah.

Just because I dropped out of swimming classes when I was a kid didn't mean I didn't pick up some swimming skills! Gah.

Although I only know how to swim one way. And I don't think I really learnt how to tread water. :P

Still I could swim. And seriously I did. *sniff*

The water was again freezing cold at 4pm. Perhaps the next time I'll try to swim at noon. :P

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