Saturday, October 22, 2005

What a night!

It is always a delight to hear from PM. When she called, it's like, Oh wow ... she called me! *beamz* And you feel happy. :)

Then after waiting forty-five minutes for her, you swear that the next time if she calls, you don't want to go out with her again.

Since her handphone died (again), and you had paged for her four times already, and there's not even a shadow of her.


But all else is again forgotten when she turns up, full of apologies and blurness, and being so like herself. She gets high on air. And you get high with her.

heh heh heh.

And we always had a nice time together. :) Whatever murderous thoughts you had before all dissipated, well, at least till the next time.


I would have bladed with her if I could. She is my blading kaki, after dear hubby. Now that she has finished her exams, she would be more free to do stuffs I guess. I do so miss blading! Don't know if I can blade properly next time! *sigh* So she went blading all by herself. *sigh*

I remember Lin calling me to ice-skate with her once. *sigh* Have I ever ice-skated with Lin before? There was a period of time when I was so motivated that I would go ice-skating on my own. Sometimes I would grab a friend, but it was hard to find someone. None was quite keen on ice-skating. PM seems to prefer blading. I think I am slightly better at ice-skating than at blading, since I've done more skating than blading so far. :P And definitely much better at cycling than anything else! There was A whom I used to go EC to cycle with. And there was LY whom I would used to play badminton with. Those were the days. Your friends all slowly disappear and you stop doing all the nice stuffs together.


Anyway, dinner was pretty good. Originally she had craving for laksa, then she wanted lots of meat. I wonder who's the one with the condition. hahaha. So we had lots of meat. Too much in fact, I feel so bloated! Can't eat too much else I won't be able to drive! The best was the pineapples though. Very very sweet. :)

Driving down to EC at night was quite a challenge. I was worried about jams, but fortunately it was only heavy traffic at most. But the bloody road works diverted the straight road, and I found myself stuck in the middle lane and was forced to turn right instead of going straight. Straight would have gotten me to where I wanted. I made one quick round and got onto the other side of the road, but I couldn't make a U-turn! And I didn't want to go back into the jam. So no choice lah. It was stressful when you have to make split decisions. And I ended up going down an unfamiliar way.

And cannot really stop to look at map. So simply followed my instinct and try to turn left when I had a chance. Definitely went a big big round and finally ended up on the ECP. Saved!

It's a good thing I got a feel for which direction I'm in. heh. Ask hubby and he is totally clueless of where the direction of the sea is. :P hiaks.

PM told me YS paged her just to tell her that she had got swollen feet from some foot massage, and she paid a few hundred for acupuncture to cure her gastric pain. *rolls eyes* I guess we all need some sympathy now and then. :P

I guess last time YS would have called me to whine to me about that, but now that I think of it, I haven't returned her call since the last time. Whoops. *bleah*

Blogging can be quite bad. I would have been calling her if I had not been blogging. The habit of blogging has quite removed the desire to call people up to talk, when I can do all my monologue 'talking' in here. haha.

Neighbour's chihaha is quite cute. Is that how you spelt it? Whatever. Long haired one. Very very tame! Let me stroke and pat and has big big eyes. Cutsie little one! Quite plump too. heh.

Hubby asked me if I would like to have a dog of my own. No thanks! The hassle of taking care of one. I would have my hands full soon. Maybe one day when I'm old and retired, and don't have to work, do housework, take care of family and all that, when I have lots of time, then I might. For now, coming home from work is never really to rest, but to cook for hubby and clean up the place a bit. By then, you're just dead beat.

Why is it that when you want to play a certain piece of music, you would never be able to find it? Looking for my piano score for Chopin's nocturne in C# minor. The last time I saw it, it was on the piano with the Tchaikovsky's pieces. Now it's gone. *sigh* That's what happen when you leave them as loose pieces, and when all those bloody contractors come in and touch your things.


Damn damn damn! I thought I could download again from the internet, but there is some problem with the typeset! BOO HOO HOO!!!!

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