Monday, October 24, 2005

Of dreams and wishes

My cosy little home is coming along beautifully. *beamz*

We got a few big plants in, and boy, they do make the place look different. We're also slowly doing up the terrace, and perhaps more plants there as well.

I wish I could ...
redo the whole kitchen. :P

I need to re-think the kitchen, spaces are not utilise too well. I'm sure the kitchen can look nicer than what it is. *sigh* And the service yard as well. I'm going to throw out some 'junk', don't care hubby. *humf* Guys never see untidiness as well. *humf*

Feel like going shopping to get nice table runner, and stuffs to make kitchen nicer.

Must think of ways to rearrange stuffs in the kitchen.


Any ideas for a tiny kitchen?

*sniff sniff*

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