Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Panda's Diet

Today I am hungry.

I have lost almost 2kg over the last few days. I don't know how other people can put on about 10 to 12kgs. I swear I ate a lot. I wonder where all that has gone to.

I know I'm very fussy with my food. Right now, I feel like eating the delicious and sinful teochew mee pok (with pork lard) which can only be found at the market near my parent's place. :( No car to drive down leh. *sniff*

I do not go for low fat milk. I only take full cream milk. Everyday. Sometimes two glasses a day, one in powdered in the morning and fresh at night. I never say no to chicken skin or fish skin and I drool over the juicy beef fats. :P I love prawns and squids and all kinds of seafood. And cakes and ice-creams and all those sinful stuffs.

So why do I still feel like skin and bones today?


Sometimes I wish I have a sister to hang out with, whom I can go and visit or who can come and visit me and cheer me up, and gossip with together. Like the neighbour. Who has gone to visit her sister, who just had her second kid too.

All I have is myself and my fish fingers, and I shall have to get a second glass of milk soon. I hope it isn't too soon drinking milk. We shall see...

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